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Trainwreckstv is one of the newer modern casino streamers and is absolutely hearth. Standing associated with the name is normally Tyler Niknam, a crazy Texan with an awesome sense of humour and who now lives in USA.

Tyler has essentially been lady since 2015, although it wasn’t really right up until 2019 the moment his traditional casino streams grew to be more found. Slot revenues are well-liked on the Trainwreckstv Twitch direct, although Niknam is a very well accomplished Esports player. He is also known for his Scuffed podcast, where he discusses a variety of present topics. Trainwreck now has one 8 , 000, 000 subscribers upon Twitch.

Usually also phoning himself Guinea pig, Trainwreck loves to say he’s the biggest monkey within the jungle. His / her antics in addition to wit will be certainly well known, and Trainwreckstv is known to end up being one of the most interesting streamers within the Twitch field.

Tyler Niknam is truly a multi-faceted sort of guy. He’s a bit of a loud-mouthed smartass in addition to that’s portion of his appeal. Although his / her following upon Twitch could be the strongest, he could be very participating in other social networking channels too.

Who is Trainwreckstv?


Trainwreckstv is Tyler Niknam’s terme conseill� name about Twitch. His / her slot avenues have become popular and the person is known with regards to his �pigramme and for producing rather unreasonable statements. Inside 2017 having been banned by Twitch with regards to 5 times for a sexist comment selection. Niknam likewise runs the particular Scuffed Podcasting where he or she chats about current topics with other internet celebrities.

Created in 1990, Tyler Niknam grew up with on the web gaming. They have Iranian origins, but was brought up in Chandler, Arizona. He’s a smart man and studied philosophy on Arizona Point out University. Inside 2021, Niknam moved to Vancouver, USA and so he could concentrate on his betting streams using fewer limitations than in the.

Tyler Niknam started out streaming throughout 2015, both equally gaming and IRL content. C�rculo, Call of Duty World of Warcraft are not any strangers given that Niknam continues to be an avid esports and CSGO player. Trainwreckstv has been called as one of the best Among Us gamers on Twitch and has received a Computer code Red In our midst Tournament. Obviously, he’s an enormous gamer.

Trainwreckstv casino channels are popular stuff. You’ll often discover the “Ape gang” playing reside, where Tyler invites other streamers to gamble together, usually with pretty high stakes. Although Ape company plays various games just like Among Us and even CSGO, pai gow poker are still all their favourite first.

Which usually casino will Trainwreckstv perform in?

Trainwreckstv has been producing Stake, the crypto gambling establishment his betting home. Crypto casinos and gambling in BTC, ETH and also other cryptocurrencies is probably the hottest fads in the betting house world currently.

Share in particular is well know for its awesome promotions because of its regular gamers. While Trainwreck often includes a special promotional code regarding his followers on Twitch, the program code only works for all of us players. For all those of us not really in the US, Risk has a lot associated with other bonus deals to choose from lacking any rules.

The particular casino can also be well known because of its first class selection of games. Check out our Stake review for more details.

Trainwreckstv Top Games

As i have said, Tyler takes on casino, esports, CS: TURN and a various games. Consider this is a web page about traditional casino trends, you will focus on Trainwreckstv casino game titles. And it’s really information about slots in Trainwreckstv.

There are some favourites that pop up around the Trainwreckstv route, and many are High Volatility slots such as:

  • Razor Shark
  • Ankh of Anubis
  • Floating Dragon
  • Gates of Olympus
  • Book of Shadows

Having streams at times going for a split day, typically the Ape company obviously takes on more than these kinds of. But these are definitely the games of which keep coming way up, especially Razor blade Shark. Hardly surprising, since position streamers had been known to have got a particular penchant for increased variance pai gow poker with big payout potential.

Exactly where and When will Trainwreckstv Flow?

Trainwreckstv streams upon Twitch. As you will find a lot of his videos, the terme conseill� hasn’t delivered to the livestream function upon that system. At least designed for now.

With regards to when, the particular Trainwreckstv plan is submitted to his Twitch although he or she doesn’t generally fill it very way in advance. The particular Ape loves to maintain just as much flexibility as you can. However , you will discover Trainwreck typically streams from 5pm until 8am Western Coast period, since this individual now comes from Vancouver. The particular streams are really long, and even though Niknam him self might not be upon it every single next, you will get high quality gaming measures from the Foumart gang.


Trainwreckstv on Social Media

  1. Trainwreckstv on Twitch
  2. Trainwreckstv on Youtube
  3. Trainwreck on Twitter
  4. TylerNiknam on Instagram

1.) Trainwreckstv on Twitch

Twitch is Tyler Niknam’s major channel, where he has 1.8 million followers. The particular streamer is on Twitch since 2015, although it hasn’t always been regarding slots in addition to casinos. Trainwreckstv’s massive next also originates from Niknam like a great entertainer and commentator entire. For example , having been the second a lot of watched terme conseill� on Twitch during the PEOPLE presidential polls in 2020.

It’s worth observing that one 8 mil followers upon Twitch is not any small task. Check out some other top on line casino streamers intended for comparison: roshtein has 897k followers, while xposed has 473k.

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2.) Trainwreckstv on Youtube

Trainwreckstv has been online since 2015 as well. This here is quite different from Twitch even though. His videos are much varied, showing the particular Ape as much as his numerous antics. You can also get videos coming from his Scuffed Podcast, their gaming, CS:GO and IRL stuff, in addition to videos where he is taking pictures the piece of cake with other world wide web celebs.

As being a bit of a health and fitness junkie, Tyler likes to showcase his metal body here from time to time. Trainwreckstv provides 203k subscribers on Youtube.


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3.) Trainwreck on Twitter


About Twitter, Tyler Niknam merely goes by Trainwreck instead of Trainwreckstv. Many of the tweets are about gambling, added too with infrequent rants regarding the streaming arena.

Sometimes he’ll furthermore tweet random thoughts that will feel a little like a flow of awareness, making your pet one of the realest streamers on the market. Niknam can be quite active on Facebook and has more than 446k followers.

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4.) TylerNiknam on Instagram

Niknam goes by his own name about Instagram as opposed to Trainwreck or perhaps Trainwreckstv. About IG, you’ll get a far better feel regarding Tyler Niknam as a particular person, and not just to be a streamer. An individual won’t look at too much of the private everyday life here, however you will see him or her with his dog Petunia, getting together with his pals, and his healthy proteins loaded dishes to gasoline his within your body workouts.

It sounds as if at some point he previously a lover, but it’s not clear no matter whether that’s even now a thing. Niknam has 95.0k followers on the ‘gram.

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What’s Special About Trainwreckstv?

Trainwreckstv is the direct where Tyler Niknam revenues his specific and slightly loudmouthed personality. Fans love him for his straight shooting comments, despite the fact that on a pair of occasions it offers bordered about offensive or even sexist for a few audiences. Despite the fact that little is well known about his / her private lifetime, his connection status or even whatnot, Trainwreck – and also the Ape, is often a prolific gamer in addition to a pretty adventurous gambler. Any time you’re buying a casino terme conseill� with some sharp comments, Trainwreckstv should be on your own radar.

What is Trainwreckstv Net Worth?

Individuals who are wealthy usually tend to keep a good lip of the income, however you can still come up with a guess in respect of how much money Tyler Niknam tends to make. The general opinion is that Trainwreckstv is easily well worth $1. 4million – although we are positive it’s far more. And how can we come to of which?

Good Trainwrecks doesn’t makes nearly all of his cash with his regular monthly subscribers. As an alternative he becomes paid in the event his supporters sign up with the online casino. And we can do this particular calculation:

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